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Grace Notes – June 22

2nd Drive-In Service Coming Sunday, June 28th

We were so excited to share the date for our next Drive-In Service.
Join us this coming Sunday morning, June 28th in the Ridgeview parking lot.
ONE (1) Service at 9:15 AM

Those of you with children, be sure and bring a hard surface for them to write on and possibly additional crayons or markers.
Some markers/crayons will be provided.

On-Line Worship

Pastor Nanette’s Traditional Service at 9:15 AM
Pastor Kyle’s Common Grace Contemporary Service at 10:45 AM 

Join us on Facebookour website or YouTube as we stream at those times.  If you miss seeing us on Sunday, the sermons will be posted later on the Grace Website, YouTube, Facebook and our Grace App.

Additional Opportunities to Connect 
Chat With Pastors Nanette and Kyle 
Tuesday afternoons at 3:00pm via Facebook
Virtual Coffee Talk With Pastor Kyle
Thursday afternoons from 4:00 to 5:15 via ZOOM

Zoom Meeting

Connect With Grace Woods This Week

Our summer intern, Grace Woods, is hoping to connect with people from all across our community in the next several days! She would love to talk with YOU, and hear your thoughts on worship and our church. Please take a moment to sign up to chat via zoom or phone call.  You may email her at or click the link to go directly to her signup page.

Sign Up Here

Hello! My name is Grace Woods, and I am so grateful to be serving with you all at Grace UMC this summer. I am originally from Tonganoxie, KS and just finished my undergraduate degree at KU this May majoring in strategic communications and minoring in psychology. I will begin seminary this fall remotely due to the pandemic and will be pursuing deacon studies at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary. I am passionate about yoga, true crime, Oxford commas, and eating any and all dark chocolate. My purpose here this summer is to do research on attitudes toward worship as well as engaging with you all! Hopefully, we will meet soon!


Once again this year, Grace will have a team of people moving their feet to provide clean water for children in Africa! Through Team World Vision’s KC Chapter, walkers and runners will come together to train for a full or half marathon while also raising funds that support some of the worlds’ most vulnerable. Last year we had more than 2 dozen people participate! Some of those were experienced runners, but many of us were people who never thought we’d be able to finish a half marathon – either running or walking – but did so last year. And with good training and a supportive community, you can do it, too!

To connect with one of our Grace team captains for additional info or questions reach out to one of the following:
Tracey Nicodemus (,
Ernie Foreman (,
Shara Embree (
Hope to see you on the trail!

Come Join a Grace Group

Are you looking for a small group connection?  Grace Groups are small groups of people who meet once a week for about an hour (currently on Zoom) to discuss their lives from the perspective of their faith, support one another in love, and pray for each other.  If you are interested in joining a Grace Group or have a group of folks who want to form a Grace Group, contact:
Shawn Foreman,

Labyrinth Renovation is Complete

A labyrinth is a spiritual tool that has been used for centuries as  a way of connecting to God, centering oneself,  and  focusing one’s mind  in prayer.  Its’ circularity and turns to the left and right reinforce an integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain and help in calming, clarifying, and focusing.  Because it involves the body in walking, it is a form of “embodied prayer” or “embodied spirituality.”  Yet  there is nothing magical about the labyrinth;  it is just a tool. It may take us to the Holy,  but it is not the Holy. Walking the labyrinth can just be a matter of walking in circles
  –or it can be a deeply spiritual practice.   

To help make walking the labyrinth a spiritual practice, we have placed a brochure with “how to walk” suggestions in a black box near the labyrinth.

Like all prayer and spiritual practices, sometimes the experience of walking the labyrinth will be a powerful, insightful, or calming experience.    Other times it will be a “so what?” or  “ho-hum” experience.   As with all prayer and spiritual practices, the important thing is that you try it and keep on practicing it.    There is no “right” or “wrong” way to walk the labyrinth.    You can’t get lost. Like all of life, it involves putting one foot in front of the other.
 –And eventually you will find your way home. 

Blessed and Grateful

What a wonderful surprise and blessing the office had this morning.  We announced last week that our labyrinth is complete and ready for use.  Heartstrings Community Foundation, our church neighbors who work with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, have found the labyrinth to be a blessing.  They came and  walked our  “maze” as they call it and found it to be a beautiful place to walk.  They were so grateful for the experience, they stopped by the office today and left a basket of goodies and showered us with beautiful homemade cards.  Here are a few of the sentiments they included in their cards.

Thank You Church
Thank you for your Maze
Thank you for the beautiful place to walk
Thank you. We enjoy talking and walking here – Eric
Thank you for letting us use your church walking path
Nice place to walk to the garden and the Maze
Thank you for letting us use your church,
Sincerely, Heartstrings Community Foundation

Now we are the ones feeling blessed and grateful!

Would you commit to cover our staff and volunteers in prayer?

“We’ve had such a great response from our community for our VBS: Neighborhood Edition that we are in need of more prayer partners for our host homes! If you are interested in being connected with a host home to pray for them, the children who will be attending, and the families affected by this, reach out to”